Friday, January 02, 2009

The quickest way to create a PEAR package

Is called PEAR_PackageFileManager_Cli, or pfm.

More documentation lives here.

(02:56:15) stunami: hi is there an easy way to generate the contents tag for a package.xml?
(02:58:41) CloCkWeRX: stunami: you might be interested in pfm (pear_packagefilemanager_cli)
(02:59:38) CloCkWeRX: pear install it, hop into your directory, and type 'pfm' -> follow prompts
(03:01:13) stunami: oh excellent that sounds very helpful thanks, i was sure there must been something but google wasn't being very helpful today :)
(03:10:10) CloCkWeRX: what did you google for?
(03:13:34) stunami: stuff like generate package.xml pear
(03:15:01) stunami: I reckon a blog entry on pfm would be very handy indeed. Creating a package.xml while not hard is a bit tedious especially when updating all the files

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Unknown said...

You should try -- it's a new and very simple way to create pear packages. You should be able to do it in just a few minutes!

Nicolás Andrade said...

Good info!
BTW please delete the Kimberly's viagra post... PEAR has nothing to do with pears, even when her conseil is good.