Saturday, January 31, 2009

GEdit usability nitpicks

I like ubuntu/gnome's gedit for simple jobs when I'm not in the mood to wrestle vim.

Here's my pet peeves from a usability point of view

gedit 2.24.2 annoys me with:
1. Find and Replace across multiple documents should exist. Editplus does this with an 'all open documents' tickbox
2. If I open a filename which doesn't exist; don't show me an error. Create a new document, and when I save, create the file.
3. Give me a 'always reload when changed on disk' preference. I'm sick of clicking the buttons.

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Anonymous said...

Love GEdit. Hate the "feature" you are talking about. Of all the complex functionality in GEdit - why has this oft requested, probably easy to implement feature not be made available???

Anonymous said...

Oh - I was talking about automatically Reloading in particular.