Monday, November 17, 2008

PEAR Bug Triage Day, November 15th/16th

A quieter bug triage this time around, spread a bit over the preceding days and a brief sprint on the weekend itself.

PEAR's wiki is moving, so the results live in a new place.

Probably the biggest efforts of the day came from from Igor (ifeghali, MDB2_Schema), Lorenzo (quipo, MDB2 & friends) and Michael (gauthierm, Crypt_GPG / unit tests).

Igor got out a new release of MDB2_Schema, driving it from having a high number of open bugs to somewhere way down in the depths of obscurity on the bug statistics wall.

Michael refused to sleep until Crypt_GPG's unit test coverage was much improved, and Lorenzo was more or less on the prowl for anything that could be fixed.

In other news

cweiske got his new server almost built (so it can run unit tests lots). That was until ...

cweiske: we got stuck while installing php on it from debian testing
cweiske: it crashes on cli when you load the mysql extension

Oh dear.

Additionally, Greg (gsherwood) started adding new coding standards improvements to PHP_CodeSniffer - it'll be interesting to see what happens to the stats.

There were also some sensible discussions around Coding Standards driven by Alexey.

Finally; there was also a Mock Driver added to HTTP_Request2 by Alexey as well - it'll be a great help to overall code covereage within PEAR over the coming years.

Next bug triage day is for 6th-7th December.

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