Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Letter to Kate Ellis

Dear Ms Ellis,
I am concerned about the ALP's policy to implement a Clean Feed internet filter. As I understand it, you are somewhat aware of this issue; and have met with Mark Newton; who discussed various technical details with you.

This is evidently an emotional issue from both sides – Sen. Conroy taking the save the children line, and many others, including myself, saying fine, but don't break my internet to do it.

My concerns stem from the fact I make my living as a software engineer, and my work literally could not exist without a free and open, responsive internet.
An internet filter as has been described would damage me; not to mention the Australian economy – it is no coincidence that breakthroughs in mass communication are tied to massive economic growth.

Also, by pursuing this technical solution so aggressively, Sen. Conroy has disregarded legitimate technical concerns; and demonstrated he is out of touch with the very field he is meant to be the Minister for.
I can only imagine that many employees of the Department of Broadband, Communications and the Digital Economy are embarrassed beyond belief; by the factual errors, by the rhetoric.
Let's not even touch on the fact they are meant to be providing both a Clean Feed (which will slow the Internet) and ubiquitous, fast broadband to all Australians.

So; my questions:

Is your position still one of support for the Clean Feed?
Have you researched more into the technical issues after your discussion with Mr Newton?
Would the ALP be open to different proposals; such as increased funding for policing and enforcement against child pornographers?
Or funding / encouraging the creation of ISPs like http://www.webshield.net.au/ ?

See also: protest pictures, nocleanfeed.

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