Monday, November 24, 2008

Bus anger

I'm sick of Adelaide's transport system; or at least the people behind it.

Today, I missed my bus by 20 seconds. This was 8:37am on Prospect Road. I settled in for the wait, being a 'GO Zone', knowing that it should only be a maximum of 15 minutes before the next bus.

Finally, 9:00am rolls around, and so does the bus. 23 minutes have elapsed. 8 minutes late. I wouldn't mind, except the entire bus trip into work from my house takes only 21 minutes. The bus is so late, it could have gone to Adelaide in the elapsed time. What the hell was it doing?

Worse, I get on the bus, and they charge me $4.20 - full fare. If I had waited 60 more seconds, that would have been $2.60.

Frustrating, yes. If this were a one off, I'd live with it. Unfortunately, this is not the first time and I doubt it will be the last. This is a regular occurrence on my bus route.

So far, everyone I've met involved with public transport in SA has been a complete dolt. In my last encounter, I had been assured that Adelaide metro data would end up in Google Transit - but that was a year ago, and there has been a complete failure to do it.

Day to day travel costs have risen, the buses and trams remain uncomfortable, I get ticket inspectors acting like the gestapo trying to fine fare cheats, I get a substandard way to access transport information, and I have little faith in certain bus routes actually delivering buses when they say they will.

What gives? Am I alone in thinking this?

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