Monday, October 27, 2008

PEAR Bug Triage Day Results (October 25th/26th)

This was a productive one! There was a general aim of getting unit tests just plain working, as well as responding to other QA metrics, like PHP_CodeSniffer.

The people involved this time around were:
cweiske, doconnor, kguest, amir, justinpatrin, till, avb, Tatsuya Tsuruoka, brettbieber, and I'm sure there are one or two I missed. Regardless, a huge thanks to all who participated.


Commits galore, as well as on the wiki

PHPCS patches

There's a lot of code in PEAR, and we just keep getting more of it. We make use of tools like PHP_CodeSniffer to help us control it, but it's a big job keeping everything consistent.

We spruced up:
* Validate (amir)
* HTTP_Session2 (till)
* Gtk2_PHPConfig (kguest)
* Net_Wifi (cweiske)
* File_XSPF (doconnor)
* Net_Whois (doconnor)

And have seen a general fall in errors and warnings all week:
Date Errors Warnings
2008-10-20 204611 59329
2008-10-21 204527 59302
2008-10-22 204476 59288
2008-10-23 204480 59291
2008-10-24 204480 59292
2008-10-25 204482 59291
2008-10-26 204450 59166

There are also more detailed statistics available.

PHPUnit and Unit Tests

We started off at around 518 broken tests (16.21%), and got that down to 321 broken tests (10%).
* Text_Wiki (justinpatrin)
* DB_DataObject_FormBuilder (justinpatrin)
* Image_Color (doconnor)
* Services_Amazon (Tatsuya Tsuruoka)
* File_Find (doconnor)
... and more.

There's a number of patches that have been written but not applied, so it's only a matter of time..


* Triage the latest bugs (doconnor: done-ish)
* HTTP_Client 1.2.1 released (avb)
* File_XSPF missing package.xml (kguest)
* MDB2_Schema test coverage (Igor Feghali)
* I18N_UnicodeString (in CVS and fixed by kguest)
* PHP_Fork into CVS (cweiske)
* Fix Validate_AU unit tests (doconnor released Validate_AU-0.1.2)
* Some talk of getting a working CI box back up and running

Next triage is looking like the 15th/16th of November

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