Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Browsing Concepts

Mozilla labs is calling for Concepts.

Mine is 'specific content area zoom'.

I want to be able to easily zoom on one particular content div / container; for instance on a news site.

* I've got a content div
* Right click on it (similar to firebug’s select element)
* Everything else on the page is dimmed out, and shrunk (font-size: 0.01em!)
* That particular div becomes ever so slightly larger.

* Mousewheel zoom would still work; but only on the selected element.
* Up/Down buttons let you easily select the parent node/child node, so you can go from focusing on a P to a container DIV
* Back / Forth buttons easily let you navigate between the next child nodes.


A normal page

The content I want, in 'selection mode' (I stole from firebug)

The spotlight / zoom


Dan said...

James pointed me at Pacecar, which is pretty close to this.

annacoblin said...

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