Saturday, July 26, 2008

What's happening in PEAR

The mailing lists have been a little quiet over the past few weeks, but what has been there has been good.

There's a move towards killing off old package.xml formats; which puts us further towards PEAR2.

Further to that, it's time to migrate from HTML_Progress to HTML_Progress2.

Mikos Wikarski shared with us a LiveUser Admin Application in Flex Demo - you can see the project, and generally play around - it's certainly a slick mix of PEAR and Flex.

I think there's also an air of subdued excitement about the upcoming PHP 5.3, which is going to give us closures and namespaces - those two things are going to change the face of PHP in some very nice ways.

Don't forget there's a Bug Day on August 2nd/3rd - #pear-bugs on

There's ideas around the place as to what we want to do - I'm kind of sold on the idea of getting packages happy with PHPCS (there's a neat graph) or unit tests.

See you then!

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