Thursday, April 17, 2008

My Wishlist For Operator

Operator is a firefox addon to detect microformats. For people like me, microformats are an enabler - the enterprise site I work on makes use of them for contact, event, etc information.

The trouble we have is integrating all of our systems. There's the production system, there's the CRM system, there's the Asterix phone system, there's an internal phone/contact list, ten trillion personal outlook calendars, a mix of google calendars, and much more.

Each is its own walled garden.

So, why not use Operator and users to make it easy to import, export granular data - contacts for instance.

To that end, I'd love:
1) A mechanism for Operator to autodiscover actions - like FOAF, OpenSearch, or Greasemonkey user scripts. This should allow me to preview before I install, and have a measure of trust.

2) Actions for popular enterprise open source software - again, get SugarCRM to autogenerate the Operator user-script for its local installation.

3) Make the installation process much much smoother - at the moment, it's a little clunky to add in a new user script.

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