Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Valentine's day

So today, I went to the pub. I lent my friend $10 to play buckhunter, bought a few beers, and relaxed.

On my ride home, I spy the florist. Why not: get some flowers I think. I know Chloe's favourite, I'm set... right?

I mean, usually this is not my thing at all. But for once, I might as well do it. So into the florist I go.

I pick out her favourites, and organize to pay. Yes, it's expensive ($95). Delivery is more ($15). I'll wear the cost, I think. I go to pay with my card, and it gets declined.



So off I dash to the ATM, and you know what...

Balance: $99.05
Money in hand right now: $15

Result: There is no possible way I can make up the $0.95 difference in a way that is acceptable to a machine

Chloe has to pick up her own flowers now.

Buckhunter has struck a blow against me.

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