Monday, November 05, 2007

Items stolen from us...

My house was broken into last Tuesday. While we were all home, the lights were on, and people were active.
They forced a window, between 1:00am and 1:30am, and stole the following:

Acer Extensa 2304 LC
  • Serial: 50900982
  • Ubuntu studio installed
Acer Aspire 4064WLMI
  • Serial: LXTAK0605650102997EM00
  • Windows XP
Dell Inspiron 1300
  • Serial: 7CTYH1S
  • Windows XP
  • Dead battery
Pentax OptioS7:
  • Serial: 2108314
  • 7.0 megapixel
Nokia 2626
  • Serial: 35393501753521

Right now, we're:
  • Having ebay email us for any matches to these items
  • Submitting the police report
  • Submitting copies of the police report to every little pawn shop in a 50km radius

No, we didn't have insurance. Yes, we've fixed the windows - there are now pretty huge screws sunk into the window frame/sill that make it nearly impossible to open them.

If you haven't done it;
  • Get some kind of anti theft software, so when it's gone, you know where to look. Make sure it runs as a service, before you login.
  • Get the serial numbers of all of your important stuff, and write them down.
  • Get a cable lock too


Anonymous said...

Just so you know...home/contents insurance is only twenty something dollars a month...might be worth looking into.

Dan said...

That'd imply we had anything left in our house to steal/catch on fire!