Sunday, June 24, 2007

TortoiseSVN for Ubuntu

Update: Rabbit VCS is the answer!

I discovered Nautilus scripts just today. I was a little exasperated, because I haven't yet found a good enough TortoiseSVN for Ubuntu.

I set off to learn about Zenity, and in the end came up with two alright scripts for svn commit, and svn update.

Unfortunately after fighting awk for too long, I found nautilus-script-collection-svn (apt-get install is your friend).

Now I'm stuck: I like my svn commit script, as it's much closer to TortoiseSVN (Enter message, select files to commit), and all I can do is whinge - I can't provide a more useful thing to the world.



Anonymous said...

try NautilusSvn

Krishna Shasankar said...

KDESVN is can be configured to work like TortoiseSVN.
Check this