Saturday, June 16, 2007

Port Misery

Did you know that Port Adelaide was called Port Misery? Or that it was a mosquito infested swamp?
Port Adelaide is a very old suburb of Adelaide. It was officially proclaimed as a harbour in 1837. Its original name, Port Misery, is said to have been adopted because it was a mosquito-infested swamp when the first settlers landed at Port Adelaide. It has also been suggested the name described the unsatisfactory handling of goods at the site. In 1839, the name was changed to Port Adelaide. Today, it still maintains the port working-class feel but it is slowly becoming gentrified, especially along the Port River.

In 1853, Port Adelaide was the destination of the maiden voyage of the famous Dutch clipper California, carrying some hundred English immigrants who arrived in what was considered record time for the period[citation needed].

The suburb has many old colonial buildings, such as the Port Adelaide Uniting Church, primarily near the wharves (St Vincent Street, Lipson Street and Divett Street), that have been placed under State heritage listing.

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