Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Tales from Employees Past: The Tap

This is the story of a tap too far.

This individual was a much loved character who was reasonably new to the company and the English language.
Apparently, the list didn't end there, but contained a 3rd, and fairly crucial item.

Yes, humble readers, you've guessed it - the standard operating manual on how to operate your average Australian urinal.

We'd found numerous wet puddles in the gents over a number of occasions, and to be quite honest we didn't know who was doing it. I mean, who the hell has that bad an aim? Who would submerge the floor of the gents so shamelessly?

We all thought it was a little bit distasteful to be honest, and it wasn't until one particular occasion that someone was in a cubicle that insight came upon us.

We heard the distinctive breathing of the individual.

We heard the customary unzipping. The usual business proceeded.

Then the unusual business processed.

A great torrent of water was released. You could hear it, even if you couldn't seen.

It drew to a halt, and the individual washed up, and departed the bathroom.

Cautiously, the person in the cubicle emerged, and saw it.

Most people I know would have used the pullstring. Some would have looked for a button.
But not this individual - nope, for him it was and forever will be...


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