Monday, March 19, 2007

The Dublin Hotel

I hope I never have to go to the dublin hotel ever again.

We had a work dinner there, and before that I'd had to go for a 21st. Work had gotten a prepaid drinks package - $1500 worth. Alright! Only one brand of beer. Nothing else. They refused to sell it to you in anything but a schooner.

It cost me a pretty penny getting there in a cab ($40, and $40 for Chloe to get us home), $55 for Chloe to eat, and what do I get?
Dry, tough old boot leather steak.
For $55 per head, you expect more than an old boot and rude staff, as well as useless choices of drinks.

The only other drinks I bought - $9 cowboy shots (fuck!)

I hate that pub. It's too pricey, the staff aren't friendly, and you have to travel so far.

Would I mind so much if I'd had more fun there? No.

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Anonymous said...

Good thing I stumbled across your blog

I found Dublin on and was going to take the girl there on the weekend

Might find somewhere else!