Thursday, February 08, 2007

Wanted: Sort firefox tabs by url; name

I'm sick of having 20 tabs open but only looking at 2 different pages. Firefox should make this easy for me - right click, sort, whoosh!

I start my day with our local trac installation. I open up four tabs - unit test results (trunk), unit test results (stable branch), things needing unit tests, current milestone.
From each of these, I go through and find tickets I want to pay attention to; etc. I often middle click to get these tickets open in new tabs.
Someone then comes and flaps their gums at me - and I get back to work, only to find I can't remember where I was, and middle click open a hell of a lot more tabs.

I go off and do work, update a ticket, check email, make a coffee, and come back. I remember the ticket number, and click on that tab, only to find it looks like all of my work has disappeared. I then have to hit f5 to get the most recent version.

What would make life a billion times easier is for firefox to have a right click -> sort option for the tabs. If identical URLs were placed next to each other, and given a similar color or a 5px margin from other tabs, I could then close down tabs I don't need.


Unknown said...

Can you not put the two tabs next to each other and use Ctrl+PageUp / Ctrl+PageDown ??

Unknown said...

Actually, something else that would be useful would be to press Ctrl+Mouse Scroll and then Firefox would flick through your tabs.