Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Open Office Calc Enhancement - stop pestering me and do what I say

Every time I open a CSV, I get prompted to format the stupid thing the way I want.
I just hit ok. I have never in my life reformatted the CSV - maybe I've done
that *after*, while 'editing'.

For users like me:
  • If I use the open dialog, I should be given an option to 'launch format helper' (checkbox) / advanced. This would prompt me as it does now.
  • There should be a 'reformat' type menu option, which launches the same UI as #1
  • The current UI prompt should include a 'use these settings by default' checkbox
  • Once I've set my defaults, I should never be pestered again unless I explictly 'erase defaults'.
Issue 62729

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