Wednesday, January 17, 2007


This article on Myspace makes me angry.
  1. They drop apache, mysql, perl for... ColdFusion, SQL Server 2003, and Windows
  2. They get a shitload of users, all doing a lot of read/write operations. Replication will fix it!
  3. Shitloads of users. Let's uh, throw hardware at it. Yeah, yeah, hardware. Hurray.
  4. Shitloads more users. The login system must go on it's own database.
  5. Shitloads. Uh... SAN, anyone?
  6. Ubershitloads. Uh. Ahm. MEMCACHE TYPE THING!
  7. Shitloads more. .NET? YES, .NET! and SQL Server 2005! and 64 bit architechture!
  8. Oh look, billions of dollars. Yes please.
Instead of doing exactly what blogger does - when you change something, it's written out to disk and never rendered again; unless it changes; they simply kept adding hardware.
WHY!! Are you seriously telling me that this takes uberbeast hardware to support? Rubbish!
  1. User makes a comment
  2. Stuck in database for a moment; with whereever it needs to be added to.
  3. Rendering farm reads database, authors files; pushes out static html to webservers.
  4. Removes from database
... no more dynamic bullshit.


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