Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Guest Rant: Alex vs. Zend

Alex writes:

Dear Zend,

I work in a company where we all (Editor: except the super awesome Dan) develop using the Zend IDE and for the most part it is a fantastic piece of software.

The most frustrating thing fucking painful; like chewing glass thing that we all find (and this came out of a over lunch conversation) is how the tabs behave.

It is almost super impossible to use the tabs, once you have opened more than about 6 files. We're all hyperactive goldfish. What are we meant to do with 6 files!

So I'll be needing to switch between two related classes that I'm working on. I'm working on file1, and I go to click on file2 and what happens... the whole row shifts to the top, and the top row shifts to the middle.

This makes it impossible to navigate easily between files, and keep track of what we've just been working on. Boy, does this shit me.

Here's how you stop me going all Reservoir Dogs ear-scene on you:
Thank you, that is all.


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