Saturday, December 16, 2006

Idea: Bug trackers for cars

Choice magazine is a great consumer resource for fair and unbiased reviews of products; but it can't compare to a tool like Trac for finding out known issues with a product.

It's with this mindset that I'm thinking: why don't cars have public accessible bug trackers? I was sitting in the back of my house mate's car - an Astra, which has a cup holder in the back.
What a neat idea - perfectly sized for putting my can of soft drink into it (which; incidentally; I had).
Being summer, I wound the window down; only to find that if I have a can of drink in the holder; I injure my fingers rolling down the window.
Also; I can't put a large cup from McDonalds into it; either - only one size of can.

Someone has now dropped the ball on this one by failing to do simple tests of functionality. It's a really great and useful idea; but the implementation is broken.

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