Monday, December 11, 2006

I still hate filezilla

Filezilla is still as shit as before.

Take a look at this interaction bug.


  1. Connect to FTP server

  2. Get a directory listing of some kind

  3. Add a file, example.txt, to that directory external to filezilla.

  4. Enter /path/to/file/example.txt in the server address bar.

File is downloaded.

A warning that /path/to/file/example.txt/ is not a

Attached: screenshot

So; the design is:

  1. User uses the mouse to navigate this interface, and download/upload files

  2. If the user choose to use the keyboard to get to a directory quicker; they can do that

  3. But if they want one specific file, they must use the mouse to get it AFTER typing in the directory they want

  4. If they type in the wrong thing; display an error from the server as far away as possible from the control they are editing (error messages are leftmost, the server control is rightmost)


That's by design.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

YES, its still shit as of 2008!

You'd think there's be something along the lines of a 'refresh views' option under 'VIEW'...but no...seems you have to close the application and reopen, renavigate to get a refreshed view :/