Saturday, November 04, 2006


Spotrunner helps you get your ads on local tv - they might be just doing what did with their prebuilt templates and platform; but it'll work.

Low cost, easy, and it connects everything. This is probably the first ad agency I like.

Check out the demo.

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Anonymous said... is significantly less expensive than Spotrunner for a number of reasons. First, Cheap TV Spots does not pad air time rates. Spotrunner indicates that they may ad fees to the air time rate in their small print.

Also, produces a memorable custom-made ad that can air anywhere. The look-alike spotrunner ads are locked up in their system, and they can sell your ad template to your direct competitor in your exact same market if you stop buying their more expensive air time. That means you paid for your competitor's advertising. does everything for the client. There's no need for the client to learn how to write ad copy. They are very fast, reliable and efficient with over 50 international awards for their discount TV and web video ads.

Cheap TV Spots can air to 10 million households for $15 per national airing, and does not require long term contracts for air time. That's great news for franchise businesses that need cheap tv spots for national coverage.