Wednesday, October 04, 2006

ZF PEAR channel

I spotted this in my inbox today; from the Zend Framework developer lists.

Being able to do a simple:
pear install zend/Zend_Search_Lucence
will be awesome!

On 10/4/06, Gavin Vess wrote:

I have a green light from the Zend team for proposing this popular idea
to the Server Management Team:

- Friendly way to install *all* of the ZF, using well-known processes.
- Easy to update.
- Easy way to share an installation of ZF across multiple ZF apps.
- Easy way to provide access to "developer" release, although SVN is

- Community Development Server.

- Create the pear channel.
- Create/update pear "components" (ZF preview release, and a developer
- Add a wiki page explaining how to add and use the new pear channel.

All credits go to the many community members who first proposed this idea.


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