Wednesday, October 04, 2006

ZF PEAR channel

I spotted this in my inbox today; from the Zend Framework developer lists.

Being able to do a simple:
pear install zend/Zend_Search_Lucence
will be awesome!

On 10/4/06, Gavin Vess wrote:

I have a green light from the Zend team for proposing this popular idea
to the Server Management Team:

- Friendly way to install *all* of the ZF, using well-known processes.
- Easy to update.
- Easy way to share an installation of ZF across multiple ZF apps.
- Easy way to provide access to "developer" release, although SVN is

- Community Development Server.

- Create the pear channel.
- Create/update pear "components" (ZF preview release, and a developer
- Add a wiki page explaining how to add and use the new pear channel.

All credits go to the many community members who first proposed this idea.



Anonymous said...

The pear "component" will include all of the ZF, not individual pieces. Breaking the ZF into small pieces would lead to compatibility nightmares.

Dan said...

Engineer all of your 0.1.5 packages to require 0.1.5 packages. When zend framework goes to 0.1.6, all of the requirements go up; and all of the pieces upgrade.

To install, you use pear install -a Package.

To upgrade, do the same.

To generate the package requirements list; that's the only tricky bit - and this can be solved with scouring the source code for Zend::loadClass(); etc.

Anonymous said...

tjats cool