Monday, October 02, 2006

Songbird 0.2 Screencast

Songbird 0.2 Screencast: "Do you want to learn how to use Songbird 'more better'?

Behold! A new Songbird 0.2 Screencast has just been published to the 'nest, suitable for forwarding to friends.

There's a screencast out from the 'nest, about songbird 0.2. It's awesome to watch the small features demonstrated; like drag and drop saving of web links to my local mp3 list.

The problem I have is this; in a nutshell: to use songbird as the songbird creators suggest requires me to break down my existing barriers to doing such a thing. I'm so used to not being able to do these things; if I'm presented with the opportunity to do them; my mind rejects them as stupid / silly / impossible.

No idea what I mean? Go watch the screencast.


I feel like my parents must.

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