Thursday, September 14, 2006

Why Johnny Can't Code

David Brin spiels about the death of basic on the modern computer; and how kids lose out on being exposed to programming - there's no standard language packaged with windows that is simple and easy to learn.

He's right.
Javascript might fix the problem (it did for me, but now, ick).
Python might.
PHP did for me.
Visual Basic 6 sort of did (it was useless!).
Eventually, Java swept all others away... then I came back to basics, PHP all over again....

So I'm pondering... what do we teach our children?


tahpot said...

Hmm... that's a very good point.

I still recall programming in BASIC on a commodore 64 in primary school - that was my introduction to computers.

It was a bitch though, because our school was povo and there was no way to save any of the programs, so you'd have to leave the computer on over night or the weekend - and try not to let the teachers find out.

Anonymous said...

Hi tahpot, I thought I'd reply with my latest blog entry, since it includes some followup from David Brin, and since it also is our answer to your question about what we can use to teach kids programming now. :) Why Johnny Can't Code, Continued