Friday, September 08, 2006

Who wants a job! PHP Programmer - Adelaide

Valuation Exchange, which is more or less my full time obsession, is hiring.

From the job ad:

  • Interesting Projects
  • Great team environment
  • Utilise full range of skills
An opportunity exists within our programming team for a PHP5 developer.
The role will be to work within the programming team to deliver high-quality code that improves the user experience and adds new functionality to our code base.

It is essential that you have experience with:
  • Version control (CVS or SVN)
  • PHP frameworks (PEAR, or Zend, or Propel, or Solar, or Cake, etc)
  • PHP5 OOP
  • PHPUnit / test-driven development

We will look favourably on candidates with experience in large projects (ie, having to scale with LAMP) or open-source projects (because you'll be used to having people pick on your code) but neither is essential. We also would regard experience with XML/SOAP highly.
Salary will be commensurate with experience.

But that tells you nothing. Valuation Exchange - we're in the valuation industry (duh). We create software that supports banks when people come in for home loans. We receive requests, find a valuer who can reach the property, and return a detailed report about the value of someone's home to the bank all within 48 hours.

That means that we code everything from web services (SOAP, REST), decent user interface design (we've got ~200 forms to capture info), security, geospatial stuff and statistical reporting.

This project is %$#@ing huge. It handles a very significant portion of all valuation work in the country - so next time you go for a home loan, Valuation Exchange could be involved somewhere along the line.
What's even more amazing:
  • It's written in PHP, not .NET or Java - and banks are impressed!
  • It's reasonably standards friendly (XHTML + CSS means simpler, cleaner design)
  • We push Firefox as our main 'client' application. Entire companies are making the switch, just to work with our application...

If you're interested, apply now. Put some thought into writing your cover letter too - we want to know about what you can do, where you've done it before, and what you think you can offer us. Don't hide it in doublespeak, trying to impress us with large words - just be honest.


Anonymous said...

Pity I'm not quite in Adelaide ... sounds like a job I'd enjoy :-).

rusty said...

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