Thursday, August 24, 2006

More TV guide ideas.

More ideas for my TV guide.

You need a few components.
  1. A decent time/date/TV station parser. "Lost is on at 10 tommorrow night, channel 7" should be able to derive a timestamp, TV show and TV station.
  2. This adds to a google calendar or similar. Or an internal one.
  3. If it's internal, the calendar can be exported as iCal/Rss.
  4. UI for CRUD on TV stations - name, area of broadcast, related stations.
  5. Views for 'what's on channel X'
  6. The ability to say "i want to watch shows A, B, C" and turn those into a calendar, feed, whatever.
  7. A platform.
I wonder if I should invest time in making this, or if I could get help in doing so.

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