Tuesday, June 27, 2006

The Gaim Buddylist, Completely Revamped

Originally uploaded by CloCkWeRX.
If I were to completely redo the gaim buddylist, this is what I'd do.

The application 'folds' away to the side of the screen, ala google desktop search.

I click "contacts" button, or something similar, which brings up a full screen overlay.

It shows my most frequestly talked to contacts biggest of all.
Offline users are smaller, and grayed.

If I start typing, only buddies who match my text move closer to the center, everyone else fades or vanishes.

I have a list of groups on the right hand side of the screen, tied to my different states: for instance, I talk most to some people between 9-5 in "WORK" mode, but I talk to others in "HOME" mode - selecting a different view should reshuffle the screen.

I should find a flash designer to give this a shot.
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