Thursday, June 01, 2006

Breaking News: Developers Don't Grok User Friendlyness

Argh! Stop pestering me and just let me use gaim.

Such a suggestion was met with a "No, gaim is right, you are wrong, you didn't actually want to chat, you wanted to fill out forms and never find the secret, hidden control to never see this again."

So I whinged to Chris a bit and mulled over how to make them catch the whole The Inmates Are Running the Asylum germ.

I don't want to hassle them, because I hate being hassled and I more or less ignore hasslers.
I do want to make them see they are wrong, at least for me. Suggestions?

I don't want to make them feel as though they are stupid or wrong.

So, Chris suggested I hassle them out in IRC. I didn't want to get into a bitching conversation, because hell, they have given me a great tool for nothing.

Thus; I tried the tactic of talk about something from the sidelines.

Me: No, Chris, I'm not going to hassle them about Linux on the desktop, usability, or making software really friendly, because they are decent developers, and I'll just get ignored, kicked from the channel, or given strange looks.
Chris: But I thought these people were open to suggestions.
Gaim Developer: We are open to constructive criticism (in exactly the manner which suggests that our criticism isn't constructive)

But we stepped over the line and we lost them shortly thereafter. Damn.

How do we tell people who like to code in C about being nice to the user? The two things seem completely opposed - not because you cannot code in C and make great software, but because user stories are about the big, broad picture and C is about the step-by-step details.

So, I need to marshal my forces for another attack-that-isn't-an-attack.
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