Sunday, February 12, 2006

Songbird pleases me....


It just works.
It's found my media, and kept an eye on it even when I had iTunes reorganise it.
Performance is fine - iTunes gave me the shits minutes ago by refusing to play my music well.

Winamp had the right idea: play the damned music even if it means you have to take the highest thread priority you can. Why can't iTunes do this?

Complaints so far for songbird:
I can see that firefox's rendering engine, gecko, is embedded right into this application. Where's my damned address bar, in that case? (Oh: I didn't realise it was an address bar! But ctrl+l to focus it, ala firefox, is sorely missed).

Also: the icons for shuffling, etc, aren't very meaningful.

It doesn't grok video files and just spits them out as audio.

I can't open things in tabs - ctrl + click is disabled, and I miss it. Tabs make firefox wonderful.

How do I customise the bookmarks sidebar content?

Have you tried it yet? What gets you?
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