Monday, February 20, 2006

My Ideal SemWeb Editor

Is fast.
Has graphs to visualise my data.
Has built in validation.
Has SPARQL support.
Has templates to build up whatever it is I am describing (Book, Person, Catfish, etc).
Has lightweight web services to find suitable ontologies - ie, seamless swoogle integration.

Tested so far:
Altova SemanticWorks

  • Unclear on how to add triples.

  • Can't focus on just one ontology, ie FOAF, which means i get a lot of extra crap I don't want.

  • Graphs don't make sense.

  • Requires registration & isn't free. At least just let it work out of the box for 30 days and don't heckle.

  • Where's the SPARQL?

  • I want templates


  • Appears quick

  • Graphs are eye catching if nonsensical

IzaWiz RDF Editor

  • Unclear on how to add triples: much better than Altova SemanticWorks, but adding a simple foaf:Person, foaf:name, "Daniel O'Connor" was far too much clicking. I got it wrong too quickly.

  • Can't drag items about.

  • Clunky feeling - I just want to throw out a whole bunch of things and fill in more detail as I go.


  • It's more obvious about what you want to do, and sets itself up nicely - where do you want to set your temp directory, etc.

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