Friday, February 24, 2006

MPAA on How Pirates Hurt the Consumer

Quality movies are expensive to make and are valuable products. If consumers want to continue to see the movies they have grown to love, they have to stand up against movie thieves who steal DVDs from the Internet or buy counterfeit DVDs on the streets.

Piracy is the single biggest threat to US Copyright industries in movies, home video, music, book publishing, periodicals, radio, television, video games and software. These Industries contribute to the US economy in job growth, contribution to the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) and Foreign sales and exports. In fact, The US Motion Picture Industry employs over 750,000 people nationwide, not to mention the thousands of peripheral jobs that rely on the movie industry such as advertising to popcorn manufacturers.

... but it hasn't told me how, as a consumer of their product, piracy is impacting on me.

Well, enough is enough. I'm taking a stand. You filthy seadogs, why won't you think of the people who can lose their jobs through piracy!
That is to say... should the "advertising to popcorn manufacturers" industry collapse...
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