Monday, February 06, 2006

MFAOP (Aspect Oriented PHP)

MFAOP is a PHP based aspect oriented programming package - no new language constructs, just Plain Old Classes.

I'm going to tinker with it for the moment, until AOPHP can make a windows friendly release or two!

Update: Upon looking at the source, I begin to worry a touch - coding style is a finicky thing, and this style of inline documentation seems excessive and obvious - if documentation can be overdone, how will the code feel to use?

// JoinPoint Class
class JoinPoint {

// Private variables
// Class of this JoinPoint
private $joinClass = '';
// Method of this JoinPoint
private $joinMethod = '';

// JoinPoint Constructor
function __construct ($joinClass, $joinMethod)
// Verify the joinClass and joinMethod do exist
if ($this->verifyJoinPoint($joinClass, $joinMethod))
// If so, set the private variables
$this->joinClass = $joinClass;
$this->joinMethod = $joinMethod;
return true;
// If not, return false
return false;


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