Sunday, February 12, 2006

jEdit, you suck!

I remember learning java in a friendly little text editor. It wasn't fancy, it did syntax highlighting and all sorts of fun little things, and then you pressed a button - resulting in either your code compiling, or some vaguely comprehensible error messages.

I turn, recently to jEdit, with fond memories. The first sign that something is wrong is that I cannot see where the "turn text into working, magically good java" button is. Oh, it's become a text editor, mainly. No worries. Plugins... plugins... oh, it looks like I can download extra functionality and it just works like magic.

jEdit folk: if a plugin does not work, do not list it. Simple. Don't let people download 87 dependancies and find ONE cannot tell that a version 1.5.0 is > 1.4.0

Sadly, after hours of fucking about, I can't get simple Java turned into Working Things.

Next attempt: Eclipse.

If you wonder why python or ruby are so popular, here's a massive hint. One editor. It works. Out of the box. Is it so hard to get this right?
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