Saturday, February 04, 2006

Google Techtalk & The Semantic Web

I was excited when I saw Google techtalks were available - particularly the Knowledge Representation on the Semantic Web talk.

I listened in and much to my dismay, the whole description of RDF & the Semantic Web was talked about in a really abstract fashion. If I didn't already know what I do, I would get confused in an instant.
I don't know about you, but teaching by demonstration isn't bad - throw out some examples of triples, RDF, SPARQL queries... etc! Don't wait until you are 15 minutes into the whole thing to get to it!

Further more, alot of the talk seemed to be about laying the boots into RDF/XML syntax, the underlying concepts and problems with it all. Disappointing :(

The speaker doesn't like to use simple terms in the slightest, either. I got lost somewhere in the word padding :S
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