Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Reveal Rocks!

What an ingenious idea for finding information - an extension to firefox in which you press ALT` (right above ALTTAB), and are presented with an overview of your tabs as thumbnails.

Big whoop you say - Every man and his dog is doing this, and Internet Explorer 7 does it better than f0xpose, etc.

The *kick ass* feature which makes this actually usable is the find-in-page search across multiple tabs. For instance, I have 10 tabs open for work, 6 for gmail, blogging, what have you, and 20 billion that I just haven't read. I hit ALT`, and type "Valex", and before you know it... wham! I've got only the tabs which contain "Valex" somewhere presented to me - I can then simply click the one I want.

If TopDesk could do this for all windows that are open, I would pay for it (currently, the only thing stopping me from shelling out dollars to an Aussie company is that they shift the thumbnails about when you close / open windows - so where MSN was a moment ago is now notepad. ICK. Don't fuck with my short term spatial / visual memory)
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