Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Random Encounters

I was just loafing about on IRC trying to upload a minor change to BookFeed to stop the bastard from sending me a thousand identical posts each day, but Ning was having none of it.

I ditched FileZilla for the day and went with PSFTP: at least I could properly connect each and every time. But since (?) the upgrade there's snafu me being able to edit files.

So I was just loafing about, as I said before, when in pops Fabricio Zuardi - maker of the great and impressive Flash XSPF player which is now a widget on my google homepage.

This has prompted me to (plan to) make an Upcoming.org + Audioscrobbler mashup: find artists coming to my metros and fill my playlists with their music, the closer the event the more tracks in my daily playlist.
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