Thursday, December 08, 2005

People Should Be Shot

I had a friend come to visit me at lunch today.

She made the mistake of parking for 20 entire minutes in a company's carpark, because there was nowhere anywhere to park.

When we returned, an angry man started a verbal sledging. His company stuffs about 7000 cars into a carpark with sufficient space for ... 5. When people do this to the company, the company gets employees to box in the offender's car with their own.

What, exactly, is the point? To catch the offender and yell at them? I don't see how this solves the company's parking problems. Once he started brindling, I found that I was too tired and too hungover to tolerate it - so I asked "how do we rectify it".

He looked about ready to hit me that I'd cut him off mid tirade with "let's make a solution, because I really don't care for this". When he'd finished I think we were largely unmoved, perhaps my companion was a little unsettled.

Apparently it was the company director and sales manager who'd boxed us in: they were polite and we were polite in return, when they emerged to shift the cars. Politely and calmly telling us not to park here in the future would have resolved the issue; but now I'm thinking I'd like to purchase a shitbox of a car just to park there. Spite is a wonderful thing.

Problems raised by the angry gentleman:
Did we not see the sign that says don't park here? (no, we didn't)
Can we not find any other place to park? (no, not really)
This happens regularly.
There are too many people working and trying to park in too small of a place.
The cars are unused except for transport to work, lunchtime, then returning from work - but must be stored.
For one person to leave requires up to 3 other people to move their cars first.

Possible solutions:
Make the sign more visible, and put up a fence to encourage the idea of private parking - it looks public, and easy, so people park in it.
Speak to Adelaide Metro about the Workplace Deal - see what could be done.
Ride a bike to work (If I can do it, he can do it).
Optimise parking order to make edge cases easier to deal with.

What other innovative solutions are out there for revamping urban sprawl?
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