Thursday, December 29, 2005

Chandler 0.6

Chandler 0.6 is out. I have no idea how to describe it apart from "it does everything".

It's meant to be based around the idea of organising information in one global pool, rather than in individual applications to do each thing which are all unable to communicate.

Some observations:
* I'm setting an alarm on my calendar - am I setting it for N minutes BEFORE the event? After? What's going on here?

* It lets me pop in a new collection of information from, say, Flickr: My computer slows to a crawl and Chandler doesn't show any visual indications of doing things. I wander off for coffee and find it's finished - this speed issue is bad :(

My work machine is a beast too.

* When setting up email accounts: "use as default from account" is a radio button; I've only got one account, and now I can't deselect it.

* It needs a quick and dirty training tour - "get started by adding..."

* When I create a new item, it's not obvious enough that I have to click the "prepare this item as a (thing)" icon(s).

* I'm in a task view, and I create a new item, I expect it to be a task (by default) - but it isn't.

* New mail: the notifications aren't clear enough. When new mail is received, it's non obvious that you have to switch to the mail tab.
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