Sunday, October 23, 2005

Hungry Readers & Ning == Book Feed

Hello 5am. Bookfeed has been a very tiring twelve hours of learning, tinkering, breaking, etc.

What sucks about Ning:

  • Your change / save / test cycle is now a change / save / upload / test cycle - through SFTP, that's not quick.

  • No local test environment. It's either live or nothing.

  • Read only access to shared data. Ok, it makes sense, but I want to share my data with other applications and use them as services to push more data onto it. For instance, I can snaffle ratings and traffic and such from Bookshelf if I could only just use the "Add this to my bookshelf" button. I'd rather just say "Let application X fuck with my data please".

  • Documentation. It's great but a pain to navigate - I kept getting lost all night.

What absolutely rocks about Ning:

  • Everything. The fucker just works, and once you get your head around the pattern and the content store...

If you aren't using it yet, start. If you don't even know what Ning is, go and find out. Now. Or else.
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