Thursday, October 06, 2005

Happy Link Day

Cool shit:

  • Deskzilla - a slick interface to bugzilla based bug tracking systems. I want it. Now. Sucks that there's no open source version, but I'd almost part with money for it.

  • Ning Developer Dox - I haven't gotten to play with it yet; but the dox hint at a lot of interesting crap you can do. Oh, build social software in a social environment or something too.

  • PlanetRDF is still aggregating away; pointing me to the ever so handing Semantic Web Starting Points and PiggyBank 2.1. I've been sitting on the mailing list; lurking for a while. There's significant fixes with memory leak problems, a shiny new toolbar, a much slicker install process and more. I still can't use it for very much practical yet. (Piggy Bank is a browser extension that collections metadata from webpages as you browse, and stores it.)

  • Validate_AU makes it into PEAR. *mumbles something about not screwing up a release this time*.

  • Work is close to being working completely.

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