Monday, October 31, 2005

Got Gobby?

Gobby is a collaborative code editor, just like SubEthaEdit. Only, Gobby is open source (GPL), cross platform, and I can actually fucking use the thing.

I love it already - we just had a guy call in sick for a few days because of uni work. Now, when his code has really fucked bits in it, it'll be a matter of getting him to download Gobby and join a session, as opposed to a phone call.

Only complaint: You can't see where the other person is focused - if you could see what they were selecting with their mouse / keyboard / currently editing, this would push it from kick ass app into killer app.
The reason: I tried to explain to a colleague a bit of code. Normally, he'd stand over me, and as I talk, I'd highlight and point to sections of it as I explain - I can't do that and I *really* need to.

Great work guys! Don't forget to consider donating to 'em :)
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