Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Roundup of GAIM feedback [trillian sucks] [status] [2003]

3 out of 5 No doubt a good app but has a very annoying usability problem. It simply can't be quiet. Every time it has to reconnect due to lost connection it pops up. Damn annoying! So I'll only give it a rating of 3.

Gaim has really great potential, but at the moment it's still somewhat limited. There are also some hideously ugly UI elements in there (e.g. the dialog for recieving file transfers is one of the most revolting and unfriendly that I have ever seen). What's wrong with using a standard api call to call the native dialog of the OS that it's being run on?

Buddy List Sizing:
Maayyybbbe the best all-around IM client. Although the initial interface is plenty U-G-L-Y.

I hate to say this but Gaim has one large drawback.

For some godforsaken reason I can't resize the contact list windows to as narrow as I want/need. And unfortunately that's just a dealbreaker for me, because if I can't resize it to fit captured in my Desktop Sidebar so it's always on top, it's useless to me.

Until they fix this, it's Miranda and Trillian for me still. If they ever do fix it, maybe I'll revisit it...
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