Friday, August 05, 2005

My Flickr Woes

PEAR::Flickr is one of the first things I saw today, and I decided to actually try and use it. The problem - I mean it works *fantastically* - is that it relies on XML_Tree.

XML_Tree is a package geared towards *representing* XML, not manipulating it! Eek, Cal, that's scary. There's scarce documentation on XML_Tree too - So I can call my Flickr API methods, but damned if I can get data out of the results without reparsing [XML_Serializer, I love you].

XML_Tree-2.0.0 probably has a lot more beneath the surface I just haven't looked at yet, but... *sigh*. I thought this would be as easy as one-two-th.. oh, we're already done.

Stay tuned for another drunken development, I think I've got a good idea :O
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