Thursday, August 11, 2005

IT Considered Harmful

Office moment:

Admin Coord: I think one of these job applicants is one of yours.
IT Manager: Let's see. Indian name. Research assistant, CMU. Skills: Java, C++, C, etc ad nausem. Prior experience / projects: Built a minikernel, smart card reader, all sorts.
Admin Coord: Do you think he can type?
IT Manager: *chuckles* I think he might be a bit overqualified for an admin position.
Admin Coord: And I bet he's no fun either.
IT Manager: *throws resume into trash*

Shocked the hell out of me, because this guy has done what I'd do for alot of admin jobs - get the IT geek resume out and throw the words "team player" into the cover letter.

Lesson learned:
Admin people want personality. If you can type, you just have to be friendly and... basically not an obvious screwup. Convey that in your cover letter or go home, and make sure you craft your resume towards the position.
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