Sunday, July 03, 2005

Don't Click It, This is Broken, and GAIM

Don't. Click. It.

I think it's awesome. What it does need is a way to reflect what has focus, ie, form controls. I lost focus on the app, and could not regain it without clicking when I got to their feedback form.

Give it a crack.

Also, I've looked around the web and discovered This Is Broken. I love it, you get to whinge and you get to see what's broken, and why.

I think I might be in love with it, infact.

Finally, one of my feature requests might be getting into GAIM.

I think it's a sodding brilliant idea, so I'll re-explain it here.

Problem: People annoy the hell out of me. Yes, that means you, the one who always messages me to say "hi". Just... "hi". I'm not really away, and I'm not really busy. If MSN or GAIM flashes at me one more time, for something as important as "how r u??" I'm going to snap and go crazy.

The solution:
The SSHbox.

I think the first half of my feature request [selected groups get to flash, the rest don't] is a definate one, but this UI would be really damned cool.

People didn't like maps until they could search them, quickly, or drag them about [ala google maps].
I don't like pokey little dialogs and lists. With checkboxes. Half of the application we are building at work is build on the table list checkbox form idea, and it's just too much goddamn information at once.

I don't fancy trying to organise my "attached flashy suppressor" grouping attachments through one of those. It might work, but it might not.

There's also the context menu.

A little better, because you're directly clicking on the group and setting an option - no flashy / whatever.
But the problem here is I can't really tell which ones are being muffled and which ones are not, there's no overview.

That might be resolved by tiger striping - you make the muffled contacts / contact groups have a lighter text, etc, and appear more grayed out to indicate you aren't listening to them. The more faded they are, the less information they can get through to you [open new window, flash, beep, whatever].
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