Monday, July 25, 2005

CLoCkWeRX - :(
CLoCkWeRX - virtual earth is crap in firefox
sipher - CLoCkWeRX: huh?
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sipher - "virtual earth"?
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sipher - If your on windows, why not use Google Earth?
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CLoCkWeRX - because i'm looking at everything
CLoCkWeRX - google earth is alright
CLoCkWeRX - but i want detailed information about pizza places in my city
CLoCkWeRX - :/
CLoCkWeRX - no one offers me that :(
sipher - GE should
zamolxes - pizza pizza
Ocoth - I know, Australia is just so unserviced
sipher - It has a layer with places to eat
Ocoth - sipher I doubt it has Australia
CLoCkWeRX - if I want Pizza in Adelaide
CLoCkWeRX - i need to do something like Alcoholix, but for Pizza
CLoCkWeRX - then transform it into KML
CLoCkWeRX - and it's just... effort :/
Ocoth - KML?
Ocoth - Kool Markup Language?
sipher - Keyhole*
sipher - Keyhole Markup Language
Ocoth - I see
Ocoth - I figured
CLoCkWeRX - keyhole markup lang - geo + xml - - push to google earth and you can add your own info
CLoCkWeRX - i want a connector that launches Google Earth on links with rel="geo" *sigh*
sipher - CLoCkWeRX: You could do it w/ a FF extension
Ocoth - I want a program that supports tel:
CLoCkWeRX - i would repurpose the GeoURL extension for it
CLoCkWeRX - but... effort
CLoCkWeRX - Ocoth, remind me to get off my slack ass and repurpose the geourl extension to launch google earth and spin it to coords of my choice
CLoCkWeRX - possibly also get it to load a KML file from a url somehow
Ocoth - lol, sure, at what time?
CLoCkWeRX - 10 minutes?
Ocoth - lol, I might be AFK then, but I'll try
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sipher - Don't you have an ideas doc somewhere? Mine's like 10 megs. heh
Ocoth - lol
CLoCkWeRX - i call it a blog
CLoCkWeRX - *sigh*
sipher - a blog entry takes more effort.. and punctuation
purehybrid - and lots of lols
sipher - I have notes like "That one js trick that does stuff with raw data like on that one site Nate emailed me."
sipher - heh
Ocoth - haha
Ocoth - and then in 3 years time you look back and think WTF? :P
sipher - hence why it's 10 megs probly
Ocoth - I think I've started a few "todo" lists
CLoCkWeRX - sipher, i do my best blogging when hungover
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