Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Drunken Stickers

Yet another Graphedia article. I haven't tried it, but I love the idea of it. It's one of those Next Big Things that I'm just not sure about - ie, podcasting, though popular, is something we could never do at Fresh FM.

Now, I'm much more of the kind of person who wants to more directly overlay the internet world onto the real one. Plazes style. I'm wondering if Graphedia style marketing at bus stops in the area would be a cool way to promote alcoholix.

Stuff I want to do to Alcoholix:
  • Upcoming events for venues
  • More data, all across Australia
  • Using a feedreader API of some kind to collect and smush 'localised' RSS 1.0 from the nearest blogs.
  • Plan a large, long, twisted pub crawl that's the most effective way of getting from place to place.
What do we all think? What does Alcoholix need most?
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