Saturday, June 18, 2005


Useful, Flashy, Styled, and a small step forward.

This Ajax / Web Development innovation spree is only a good thing. There's growth once again, no longer are we complaining about IE6's defects and hold-us-back-isms. We don't actually care, and we're more than willing to target the enhanced features of one browser to reward users of it.

What I personally can't wait for is when all of these people who are getting their feet wet, or thinking about getting their feet wet with AJAX discover the wonders of SVG.

Or at least, anyone who's ever authored any SVG demos in the past for Adobe's browser plugin gets off their rear end and starts serving up the incorrect correct mime type. Ah, finally, a non mozilla based demo of SVG.

It looks like everything has support for SVG. Opera 8 has SVG support now! Imagine that. So that's IE+Adobe plugin, Gecko, and Opera that I'm aware of. Wikipedia has even more. So, this thing should will take off any day now.
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