Sunday, April 17, 2005 Web Services Client for PHP (Updated)

Upcoming rocks. Really, it does. But the lack of a PHP web services client kind of hinders things. To that end, in two hours of frantic coding (and a further 40 minutes of not very frantic coding), I've come out with something. Web Services Client.

It's aimed at php5, but you can use PHP_Compat. Also, you need XML_Serializer's XML_Unserializer, and HTTP_Request.

If you do not have either of these packages on your server, it's dead easy: download, extract, and then upload to a /PEAR/ directory. The next thing: make sure that /PEAR/ is in your include_path - use ini_set() to do it :)

Version 1.1.2
Two step install:
  1. pear install -fa XML_Serializer
  2. pear install -f
If you haven't looked at the PEAR methods for packaging and deploying code, you really should. It's dead simple. The tools make it really easy. I know I'm going to be using a lot more of the PEAR style of deployment for my future code!
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